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Egyéni konzultációk Nerella Tudatosság Itt és Most


It's time to take your destiny in your hands, to live a conscious life, and not only to listen to wisdom, but also to finally realize what you want in practice! Because it's all in your hands.

Private consultations are 1-2 hours of intimate, deep conversations full of warmth and care. We give space to feelings, images, words and that which are beyond the mind and emerge from your innermost wisdom. Yes, really. Because it's all in you, because you deserve it and because it's time!

Egyéni konzultációk Nerella Tudatosság Itt és Most


Sessions will be spent purposefully, with direct and clear ways of facing what is needed, and with the disintegration of harming belief systems and illusions of your mind, with deepening, recharge, renewed strength and practical implementation.

Using Zoom video calls, we discuss everything that is necessary for the changes, for unfolding and deepening, in a safe and light atmosphere. Here you'll get full attention so inner revelation can take place. We laugh together and of course, sometimes even tears can appear.

Our topics depend on your requests, your openness, also, whatever is "needed the most" at the moment, and what "you are ready for".


Egyéni konzultációk Nerella Tudatosság Itt és Most


If you have questions about how the consultations work or if you just want to make sure that this is what you need, please book a free, 20-30 minute Discovery Call. I am happy to hear your goals and answer your questions.

We will cover anything you need to make a good decision before booking, before the actual consultation takes place.

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Egyéni konzultációk Nerella Tudatosság Itt és Most


1. Read all the information on this page.
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Nerella Konzultációk

How the Consultations take place?

Consultations are private conversations of 60-120 minutes. The first session is likely to last up to two hours. These are live, online video calls that take place on a computer, tablet or smartphone, where we can see and hear each other. It is done using the application. The Zoom link and other information will be sent via email after booking the appointment.

The sessions take place privately, in a light, caring atmosphere where you can feel safe. It is best to attend consultations every 1-2 weeks. Between sessions, you have the opportunity to observe yourself and apply what was discussed in the session. This frequency also helps to maintain continuity.

How effective are these Sessions?

These opportunities imbued with awareness are very goal-oriented and most of the time we reach such a deep point, where we not only uncover the root of a single problem, but you can gain insight into the driving force of your entire life and also, into a new kind of awareness.

In this way, you don't have to spend months or years trying to figure things out. You can gain understanding and insight in great depth and in a purposeful way, yet with a wide periphery into different areas of life and consciousness, and also regarding the great whole.

Who are they for?

You are welcomed here even if you are a beginner, if you ask for help with general questions or to find out the basics of how the mind works.

I will also be happy to help you find the solution even if you come to me as an advanced seeker. The miracle called life is constantly unfolding before our eyes, and most of us already see that this beautiful awakening never ends...

I welcome you with the greatest warmth if you feel that the next step in your life is "awakening" to your innermost truth, but please know that this is always based on an insight into the inner workings and the mind that might be uncomfortable to face at first.

Since we need to see beyond the noise of the mind to glimpse the depth of our true being, I recommend that you start without expectations and let it all surprise you whatever you need to experience.

To whom do I recommend the Consultations?

These Consultations are for you if you want to reveal your false self-image and discover your true self, so that you can finally live the life you want.

How many Sessions are recommended?

Since you got to the current point through a process, it is also a process that will lead you out of this point. I definitely recommend 5-6 occasions to talk about everything that is important to you, with which you can start taking steps "towards yourself", so that you can have an insight of the essential functioning of your mind and of awareness.

There is always a process that starts during the conversations and likely to continue even afterwards. In this exciting process it is important to have someone by your side, thus your newly appearing questions can also be answered.

Naturally, the process is unique for everyone, both in terms of its content and length. My goal is never to create a dependency on these consultations, but that you yourself discover the wisdom and strength inherent in you, which will then help you in the future.

A break of approx. 1-2 weeks is optimal between the conversations. We will coordinate the topic and course of these as we go, together.

How do I help You?

With my help, you can receive a gentle yet focused guidance in which you can discover what is holding you back, what steps you need to take, what is here and now, and what helps you to see your true self and life in a different light.

Starting with self-discovery, the goal is first to reveal your emotional and thought circles and to leave your generational, inherited behavior patterns that have hiddenly controlled your life until now.

Beyond the processes of the mind, you can already meet your true self and discover the limitless presence of consciousness. In this way, the possibility of a conscious life may not only seem close, but its realization will clearly begin if you decide to take the consultations.

What is Your Role in the Process?

I will help you to the best of my knowledge, and here you will come across the key to yourself very quickly if you have the determination. It will no longer seem like a mystery what is going on inside you.

At the same time, I'm not selling a surprise packet: discovering, recognizing and exposing the process and what's going on inside you is essential but not enough for a complete success. It is also important that you apply what you discover, and that you direct your attention to your goal(s) in a new way, to make room for new paths and so to be active in the process.

I will share practical advices too, with you, and it will become clear that the power for all this does not come from an external source, but lies within you and can be utilized immediately.

It is therefore important that you participate in the process, that you have the determination and the willingness to be open and to take the necessary steps. Thus, efficiency and results are in your hands.


I look forward to our exciting and deep self-discovery enabling meetings. Choose your most relevant package and let's meet live!


Currently working on the booking page. For now please do as follows:
1. Choose a package.
2. Contact Nerella by sending an email. You can use her email address for Zoom messages as well.
3. You will receive all further information from Nerella via email.

Not ready yet?
If you still have questions to make sure that this is what you really need, ask for an appointment for a free pre-consultation.

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One Time Consultation Session

$150 USD

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Eight variable Sessions for the Advanced Seeker

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